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I NOW HAVE A COMPUTER! But AVES probably won't happen during the school year... except during breaks because I'll be a busy student studying and arting and partying.... so yeah see you in december!

Problematic hiatus :(

So here's the deal: the computer that I use to upload AVES is broken... again (right now I'm on my dad's computer). I probably won't be able to upload anything until I get my computer for school which should be soon. This is really frustrating for me and I'm sorry for the lack of new AVES.


ps. if you go to temple/tyler tell me!

The ressurection of AVES

So I've been thinking that Aves will NOT be discontinued, but there will be a second reissuing/season/whatever you want to call it (I wanted to call it a resurection, but I might offend some of the readers...). So stay tuned for new aves, I'll have a release date out soon in the form of a picture on the Aves wall.


For those of you who know art schools... I GOT INTO MARYLAND INSTITUTE COLLEGE OF ART!!!! YES! Anyhoo I'm pretty happy about this... sooooo yeah, dunno if I'll go there or not, but YAY!!!


No more hiatus, as of yesterday, after ten days of no new Aves strips. I got my stuff done and now I have a lot more time to chill out and write/draw these puppies :)

Anyhoo... tune in each day for a new Aves update... ENJOY!

Sorry about this guys...

To be honest I won't have enough time to draw another Aves comic for a bit longer... so yeah when I get the chance to, I'll have another special! Maybe a story longer than four panels!

Tiny Hiatus

Sorry to tell you guys this, but I won't be updating again until monday as I have a lot of work to get done over the weekend which is much more important than updating this comic. So, I'll see you all on monday!


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